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Renewing of the mind, heart, body and spirit..



My Practice

Sandy Beach

Vine & Branches Therapy....

Offering a holistic, faith-based, integrative approach to behavioral health & wellness.


At Vine & Branches we believe nutrition, exercise, sunlight, sleep, spiritual awareness, gratitude, and a healthy living environment are fundamental to mental health and well-being.  

We are currently offering telemedicine appointments for psychotherapy, and psychopharmacology. We will work to support each patient in creating the healthiest lifestyle. A tailored treatment plan is customized by incorporating evidence-based modalities, techniques, and supplements in conjunction with psychotropic medication when appropriate.

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My Philosophy 

Our philosophy at Vine & Branches is to build trusting, therapeutic relationships between patients and providers.  Rooted in faith and truth, we believe in providing personalized, individualized care instead of just treating the illness, or “label” you’ve been given. We want to make patients feel comfortable, respected, confident, and empowered while working together as a team.

My Process


 We take the time necessary in creating a treatment plan as a team, using our expertise combined with a patient-centered approach for best possible outcomes.

Our patients know that they are the experts of their own journey. We have found treatment and therapy to be most successful when established on collaboration, compassion and encouragement.

Our passion is to empower and encourage individuals in seeking a provider who is a good fit in order to reach optimal levels of health.

We hope to be that provider for you!

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